Welcome to the home of the 'JellyBean Singers'!

Please take your time to explore the music site...and you can follow along with the JBQ here too!:

Enrolments for 2022 remain open for most groups.  To register click here:  https://jellybeans.musicteachershelper.com/registration

New Beginners in all age groups welcome.
Orange Light Settings  Under this setting we are back singing inside!  (In the Green Room at the back of the hall).  Windows will be kept open and children spaced 1+metres apart.) 


'JellyBeans' offers small group 'music-through-singing' lessons to students attending Avonhead School. Classes are held during the school hours of 11.00-3.00pm.

The JellyBeans programme offers the teaching of vocal and performance skills enabling:

Children to use their voices safely and effectively
Growth in confidence
The fostering of talent
Development of total musicianship skills (i.e. sight reading, rhythm, ear training)
Extension for children who would benefit from growth outside the standard school curriculum
Your child's creativity and gives them a chance to 'shine'!

A holistic approach to discovering the world of music through movement, contemporary singing, music theory and performance!

We love to sing!heart

For all children:  Always the aim is to create sound habits, develop confidence as a vocalist and performer, foster talent and most of all to enjoy singing!

Put on your Crown
Be Brave
Be Kind
And Sing!