Woo hoo!  You are at the top of the school!laugh

Love to sing and want to develop your talent more?
Not sure if you can sing but would really love to give it a shot?

Many JB singers have built some wonderful skills by now...but if you are just beginning to get interested in growing your talent-that works too! 


Bodies are changing and those voices are along for the ride!

A time of change for many students as they often discover a love of music on their own terms but is all music appropriate for you to sing?  What music do you like...what kind of performer are you or do you prefer to sing as a group just for fun? 

How do you become the best vocalist you can be?

Some have a crisis of confidence during this time as self-consciousness sets in..JB's is a great way to help get through those years with the support of your vocal coach (The 'JBQ')

What do we need to watch out for now in our choices of music and lyrics? Young people may be discovering what music they like to listen to!

The important elements of good singing posture and efficient breath management for singing continue to be reinforced as the children explore and develop their talents and gain confidence through contemporary singing and performance.

The children continue their musicianship training including 'sight singing' and further technical exercises.  Maybe we will even make a music video if you are keen!