Calling all singing princes, princesses, super-heroes and super stars!

(The JellyBean Queen calls them her 'JellyBeans' as they are small and sweet and come in many varieties!)

An introductory singing-through-music programme that helps children:

Find their singing voices
Explore their voices
Learn the language of music
Build confidence

Based on Kodaly principles providing a strong foundation of musical skills, based on (but not exclusively) playground rhymes and songs and singing games, as the children deepen their understanding of musical elements including pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo.

Don't be surprised if your Junior JellyBean's ability to read excels, their co-ordination improves and their mathematical skills start to sky-rocket! 

The JellyBean Queen started her professional life as a Year 2 classroom teacher and many core words are included in their new songs and understands many children (and big people!)  just learn better when they are moving!

Excellent for children who do not have English as their first language too.