Studio Policy

Tuition Fees are charged at the beginning of each term and must be paid before each term's lessons commence.

A $110 flat rate fee per term for small group (30 minute) lessons, invoiced before the start of each school term, secures your child's place as a 'JellyBean Singer'.
This fee rate applies regardless of weeks in the term, absences, sports days, camps, family holidays during term time, attendance etc.

The flat rate fee has been calculated and averaged with the overall school year in mind. 
Every effort is however made to ensure group lessons are re-scheduled in the case of (for example) a school sports day although there are occasions when this may not be possible. 

 In the case of a coming performance (or for example when rehearsing for a musical play or a soiree) a larger group session will take the place of small group lessons for a set period.  These are taken in a larger learning space and are usually longer sessions.

*An electronic overdue notice (automated) is sent once the invoice due date has passed.  A hard copy reminder is sent via the student if this is not actioned within that following week. In fairness to all, sadly at this point, lessons for your child will cease unless payment has been received before their next scheduled lesson.

Music Videos, Sound Recordings and Social Media:  Should your child have the opportunity to appear in any of these you will be sent a 'Release Form' for your permission to this effect.

Your registration as a JellyBean Singer acknowledges your acceptance of this Studio Policy.


Jellybeans (the edible kind!):                              

At the end of each session hard-working singers choose a jellybean for their efforts.

If your child has any allergies or if you have any objections please do let me know.  Stickers are also available as an alternative. :)